Hybridizing Northern Hardy Daylilies

Dubbly Wubbly Double Daylily
  • Dubbly Wubbly (Mondron 2008)
Dubbly Wubbly Double Daylily Alternate View
  • Dubbly Wubbly (side view)

DUBBLY WUBBLY, 30" scapes, 6" flower, evergreen, yellow w/ green throat, midseason, 3-way branching, 15 buds, double, unusual form, 90% double. (LAYERS OF GOLD X AMBROSIAN RHAPSODY). DUBBLY WUBBLY is a 6" unusual form double. The color is a clear yellow with a deep green throat. Consistently double, the form is somewhat variable with the segments becoming more twisted and curled as the season progresses. An evergreen, it has been hardy under zone 5 conditions for several years. Because of the moderate budcount, DUBBLY WUBBLY is recommended primarily to the hybridizer or collector. Makes small, compact plants. Easily fertile both ways. Pod parent of the 09001 unusual form double seedlings. Inquire.