Hybridizing Northern Hardy Daylilies

Previous Daylily Introductions

Our previous introductions are all tetraploids which include four doubles and two edge no-eye cultivars. DUBBLY WUBBLY is an unusual form double which is very pod fertile. This is an exciting new area in daylilies which we will see more of in the near future. All are winter hardy, having been grown for several years under zone 5 conditions. To view, click on each thumbnail image.

Night at the Prom Daylily
  • Night at the Prom
Singing Radiance Daylily
  • Singing Radiance
Butter and Jam Daylily
  • Butter and Jam
Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble Daylily
  • Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble
Banquo's Ghost Daylily
  • Banquo's Ghost
Lay On, Macduff Daylily
  • Lay On, MacDuff
Simple Minded Daylily
  • Simple Minded
Summer Camp Daylily
  • Summer Camp
Well of Wisdom Daylily
  • Well of Wisdom
Foolish Fixation Daylily
  • Foolish Fixation
Around the Corner Daylily
  • Around The Corner
Electric Persuation Double Daylily
  • Electric Persuation
Dubbly Wubbly Unusual Form Double Daylily
  • Dubbly Wubbly
Gisela's Sunshine Daylily
  • Gisela's Sunshine