Hybridizing Northern Hardy Daylilies




Welcome to our website dedicated to the daylilies hybridized and grown in northwest Ohio by Pete and Sally Mondron. We are located in the far northwest corner of Ohio about 4 miles from the Michigan and Indiana borders. Our goal is to produce hardy daylilies for the northern grower. We are in Zone 5 and do not have reliable snow cover in the winter. Our location is generally windy throughout the year. The soil is primarily heavy clay. We do not have a greenhouse and all hybridization is done outdoors in full sun. Peak bloom is usually the second week in July. We primarily offer our own introductions but have a limited number of plants from other hybridizers. We occasionally have a few other perennials available at the nursery also.

We are not offering any new introductions for 2012. We have several potential introductions under evaluation but do not have suffiecient stock to offer any this year.

2011 was another challenging summer for growing daylilies. The weather was similar to 2010 but with more rain. We had a very wet spring which delayed digging plants and lining out seedlings. The summer again was warm to hot which limited the pod set. The fall was warm with much more rain than normal. Hopefully, this will translate into better growth and increase next spring.

Our FOOLISH FIXATION has received praise from several growers and can be seen in the Henley garden near Columbus if you are going to the AHS convention next summer.

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Pete and Sally Mondron

Gisela's Sunshine Daylily
  • Gisela's Sunshine
Gisela's Sunshine Daylily Mass Planting